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Lynx Lake

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We at myprescott.com are partial to Lynx Lake due to the amenities of Lynx Lake and how it is nested just outside of the Prescott area (really close to everyday life). Located off of the County Road 57 (Walker Road) next to Costco, Lynx Lake has opportunities for fishing, hiking, mountain biking, camping, dirt biking and Sunday afternoon relaxing. Absolutely stunning views surround the Lynx Lake area with beauty that is magnified with the seasons.

Although Lynx Lake consists of much more around the area, near the lake there are two sides to Lynx Lake: one side that has some day parking, a local store for campers and visitors, and a small dock for fishing boats; the other side provides good opportunity for making a day event at Lynx Lake, consisting of covered seating areas and places for fishing. Bring some cash for parking at either location.

As stated above, Lynx Lake has opportunities for hiking and mountain biking. All around Lynx Lake and deep into the Prescott mountains, there are some excellent trails that will keep you coming back every weekend. For the outdoor enthusiast, Lynx Lake will hit the spot.

Lynx Lake has excellent camp sites at the Lynx Lake Campground and a litle further down at the Hilltop Campground, totaling over 70 campsites between both sites. Although both sites have vault toilets (out-houses) and drinking water, neither campsites have full hookups and only allow camping for 7 days in a 60 day period during the spring, summer and fall seasons. Be sure to click on the Prescott National Forest link below for more information about Lynx Lake!

The area for dirt biking can be found near mile marker 2 on Walker Road, with a small dirt parking area for unloading your OHV. The trail system for dirt biking is great, allowing both the advanced trail rider and the amatuer rider to have fun!

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